Curatoral Workshop


The Art | Crime Archive Curatorial Workshop: Preparing materials for The Prison Art Project exhibition.

The Art | Crime Archive Curatorial Workshop

SDSU Library, Room 430-431

Saturday, February 15, 2-5PM

You are invited to participate in The Art | Crime Archive Curatorial Workshop, scheduled for Saturday February 15th from 2:00 – 5:00. Up to fifteen SDSU students and members of The Art | Crime Archive be looking at approximately 75 drawings created by prisoners who are detained in maximum security prisons. The workshop will be discussing curatorial trends – both thematic and stylistic – in order to develop a curatorial narrative for an exhibition titled The Prison Art Project, which will open at SDSU on March 1.

What does prisoner-made art look like—its themes, imagery, and materials? A central goal of this exhibition is to generate an awareness of the pervasive myths of prison life – much of which has been perpetuated through popular entertainment – and offer another, more complex model of what it means to live behind bars.

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