Beyoncé is still “Crazy in Love”

Beyoncé’s latest sensational album, Lemonade, mainly focuses on infidelity and reconciliation. In the featured video of the song Hold Up, Beyoncé walks down the streets with a bat in her hand, damaging and smashing anything that gets in her way: cars windows, fire extinguishers. She speaks of how no other woman can love her significant other like she can, “They don’t love you like I love you.”

Beyoncé artistic talents are not new to us, but has she taken it a step too far? Her vandalizing the property of others is a form of expression of her crazy, jealous behavior.

“What’s worse being jealous or crazy? Or like being walk all over lately? I’d rather be crazy.” Women are powerful, and will not stand around being jealous. Hence why, Beyonce “rather be crazy.” Today’s R&B and hip-hop have taken new heights involving sex, drugs, and money. Criminal behavior is not only expected but now considered normal in the music industry. Compared to other vulgar music videos, here, Beyoncé actually expresses what everyday women might experience with their significant others. Let’s just hope these “crazy” women don’t corrupt the streets with baseball bats.

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