Plopegg, was an art performance done by the Swiss artist Milo Moire at the German art fair in 2014. Moire stood naked in front of an audience on a pair of stepladders outside of the German art fair, where she proceeded to squeeze paint-filled eggs out of her vagina onto a blank canvas beneath her; hence the “Plop”. The egg slowly leaves her natal canal and smashes onto the canvas, while red color proceeds to flow out. She then repeats this with different colored eggs sequentially until an abstract piece of art is formed. The nudity, and action of pushing these paint-filled eggs out of her body, is so the audience can experience a whole piece of art about to mature and enter the world. The underlying theme of this powerful statement is about women, fertility, and creativity. Moire’s vision, is that she wanted to depict the “birth” of a picture. She shared that her artistic expression is led by intuition, and “To create art, I use THE original source of the femininity – my vagina”. Public nudity aside, this is a very interesting take on art and one that I would have never thought even existed.

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Taylor Schweer

7 thoughts on “Plopegg

  1. The birthing aspect is utterly poetic. As I read more of these articles I cant help but wonder what mental characteristics these artists have to have such gawl. Their bravery and confidence in doing these exhibition pieces are beyond me. I can’t even begin to think about being so serious about an art form that I put my body on display in public view. It never ceases to amaze me; the bravery of it all and the creativity of the piece itself.

  2. This piece of art is definitely something that attracts an audience and makes you think more uniquely about something such as the “birth” of an artwork. I am sure both the artist and audience were able to take something away from this experience and were able to think more abstractly about a woman’s fertility, creation, and artistic expression.

  3. Performative art can be received differently based on how it is delivered and this was an interesting take on portraying the message the artist intended. It seems like it is an entirely original idea and the artist had even said she was led by intuition. It’s amazing that she is able to carry out her ideas no matter how extreme it might be for some.

  4. The performance art piece “Plopegg” by Swiss artist Milo Moire at the German art fair in 2014 is a provocative and unconventional exploration of art, femininity, and creativity. By using her body and the act of squeezing paint-filled eggs from her vagina onto a canvas, Moire creates an abstract representation of the birth of a picture, inviting the audience to witness the process. While the nudity and explicit nature of the performance may be controversial, it undeniably sparks discussions about the boundaries of art and challenges traditional notions of artistic expression.

  5. This is definitely one of the most unique forms of art I have ever seen. I believe the artist’s theme was very creative and meaningful. She uses her feminine features to express femininity and how it can be used to create art. I know for sure that this would not be allowed in this US at all due to cultural differences and different standards, but this art direction is unique. It reminded me about how one European country had girls that painted themselves in order to protest, it was also from last year as well.

  6. The process of creating this piece of art expressed the intersectionality of femininity, art, nudity, and criminality. The direct exposure of the nude body and the action of pushing eggs out of the artist’s body were visually captivating and stimulating, inviting the audience to consider the formation of the artwork and the meaning of birth. At the same time, the name of this piece of art, “plopegg”, was attractive and precise. Whether this form of public nudity for the art purpose counts as a crime or if this artist supposes to be arrested remains a question for me. However, overall, this piece of art challenged the traditional form of artistic expression while providing the audience with a poignant perspective on fertility. This is really interesting and creative.

  7. This is a very interesting take on art creation… the process requires much dedication, so for the artist to be so willing, is very interesting. I also think it’s important to note that it’s quite surprising, not the fact that it happened, but the reasoning for it, in this socio-political climate is very unorthodox. I expected it to be related to abortions and how the female body sacrifices a future in producing a career by having to care for a child, the actual reasoning although more absurd was refreshing. Then again, once out, art can be anything the viewers see it as.

    Very interesting!

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