Coachella using army of Drones

Coachella is a well-known Music and Art Festival that is held annually at the Empire Polo Club. As many as 125,000 people enter Indio, California each day throughout the duration of the festival. However, many people still remember the Las Vegas Massacre that occurred, and many are worried that the Coachella festival could be a target. The local and federal law enforcement have enforced drones to provide aerial surveillance on the event. Drones are said to take approximately 45 seconds to reach a perimeter breach while an officer could last a few minutes. Not to mention, they are able to monitor traffic and provide a secondary pair of eyes. Drones are also money savers when you compare them to a police chopper.

Public Safety is always a huge issue and even more so that mass shootings have become more “normalized” or occur more regularly. Coachella has made changes to their event by incorporating easy located escape routes and expanding the perimeter to allow for easier movement. Drones are the latest addition to the security plan and many people are unsure what to think of it.

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