What exactly did we agree to?

Recently, the Facebook company has been in hot water with many users since news broke last month that Cambridge Analytica, a London-based data analytics group that worked for the 2016 Trump campaign, was able to obtain information about tens of millions of users.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg, largely silent to the issue for many weeks has stepped to the front of the issue to discuss it with Lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Still many wonder how this ever happened to begin with. For most of us, the Facebook terms of use reflect a longer than life contract with several links and legal jargon. It tells us the various ways that our information can be used for ads and suggestions for services – but it doesn’t really stop us from hitting the “agree” button.

I wonder if more people will start to see the value of this personal information and opt out of the facebook platform and opt for something more interpersonal like Snapchat, instagram, or twitter.

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