Why people want to assassinate president

The extent to which Americans enjoy freedom is inversely proportional to the extent to which the President of the United States is protected: America’s democracy is not only a social system, but also a real existence. For example, the people have the freedom to hold guns, and all types must not restrict personal freedom. These provisions constitute favorable conditions for assassinating the President. In the face of these American Constitutional rights granted to the people, the President’s safety must make concessions, which makes the possibility of assassination of the President of the United States much higher than that of authoritarian countries. In fact, the president of the United States who was assassinated in history was caused by the freedom of the American government to transfer the president’s security to the people. The poor assassination of these means is almost impossible to succeed in an authoritarian country. Lincoln, for example, didn’t even clear the scene when he was watching the movie. He didn’t even have a dedicated guardian.

On the whole, the assassination of the President of the United States of course reflects the fact that even if it is a democratic country, social problems still exist. However, on the other hand, the assassination of the President with less effort involved precisely shows that the freedom of the American people is better than that of the United States President safety.

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