Richard Speck and his Life Incarcerated

After being found guilty of murder and spending time in prison, a video surfaces of Speck crossdressing in woman’s underwear under his prison garment. Next to him is another prisoner and a tray with white powder.

The prisoner next to Speck asks him to stand and strip. Speck complies and takes off his clothes revealing woman’s underwear. Interestingly, Speck seems comfortable and not embarrassed – its as if he is embracing his role.

Rather than being quite and submissive, Speck preaches how prison is not a bad outcome for him, and that he is enjoying his time there. One of the man (another prisoner) recording Speck asks if he likes to “get fucked by other man.” Speck enthusiastically agrees and reaffirms the other prisoner’s description of him. He embodies his role as a crossdresser to the point where he takes estrogen pills and is evident by his enlarged breast.

Perhaps it is a punishment Speck is putting onto himself. By becoming a sissy in prison, he is subjecting himself to the lowest of the hierarchical hegemony existing in prison. Or it may be as a survival tactic in order to not be murdered or beaten up – and to score drugs.

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Justin Choi

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