Deepfake Videos Putting Privacy at Risk like Nothing else

In recent years, a type of face changing technology called deepfake triggers huge controversy on the internet. It gained the highest attention when a video of Obama calling out President Trump caused an uproar, which in fact was actor director comedian Jordan Peele using deepfake to make his performance looks like Obama addressing the public. After that incident, even though many social media such as twitter and reddit banned deepfake video, many people continued creating disturbing fake videos that not only put personal privacy at risk but also disturb public credit when celebrities and government officials’ images are involved. Actors’ faces are put on pornography without consent; government officials would address the public with inappropriate speech in those fake videos. Even at the agreement of the deepfake app which is available to everyone it is stated that once an individual starts using their technology he or she is at own risk to be face changed by any other user anywhere or anytime. In other word, even a normal person can’t avoid the possibility of his or her portrait right being completely deprived in a video format. This technology caused great concern among people regarding privacy protection. They have to ask themselves where’s the line when you can’t even trust your own face not to mention celebrities’ you see on the TV.

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Xin Tong

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