There was a social movement that went viral in October, 2018. The movement is called Polished Man and in this movement men were wearing nail polish in one of their nails with the purpose of preventing kids that are physically or sexually abused and increase awareness that this problem exist. The reason why this movement was started is because factually kids are more likely to be abused by males than by females, therefore men applying nail polish in one of their nails it was a way of showing that it shouldn’t be that way. Men from all over the world, actors and important figures were joining this movement, posting pictures of them wearing nail polish in one of their nails. However, the main idea of this movement was that people donated money to help those kids who are being abused, but the majority missed that point. And I’ve noticed that it keeps happening on many different movements, it just become a trending topic but no one is actually doing anything to help. Posting pictures won’t help abused kids. Posting that there has to be something done won’t help abused kids. There are multiple ways of actually getting hands on into different projects and helping kids. Without wanting to offend anyone, of course, people seem to be just doing what is trending without the good intentions, it is like the only thing that matter is the views from the people. We should all start doing instead of just saying, and although I fully support movements that help those who need it the most, I believe it is more than just posting and proving to others that “we have helped.” Awareness is important, that’s why this movements are so important, but donating and actually helping, is even more important.

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mariela escobar

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