“Three Identical Strangers” was released in 2018 and follows the story of three identical triplets who were separated at birth, and later reunited. The three triplets were placed up for adoption at six months old, and the three were placed in different homes. The adoptive parents were never informed that the children were triplets. The three brothers were all placed in homes that also had an older adopted sister. After 19 years of not knowing one another the union came with much excitement, and they quickly became media sensations. They focused heavily on the various similarities they had with another, and fully emerged themselves with their new-found brotherhood. The ultimately moved in together and opened up a restaurant. However, over time the differences between the three became very apparent, and a common theme of mental health became very prevalent among the group. Ultimately one of the three triplets committed suicide in 1995.

After many questions were simply unanswered, a deeper look was placed on the circumstances surrounding the adoptions. The three boys were adopted through the Louise Wise adoption agency, which at the time placed Jewish children in appropriate homes. Once they took a deeper look, they found that multiple sets of twins and triplets were placed in different homes and were observed for years by researchers who often made home visits. The adoptive parents were told it was a standard adoption practice to track the children’s progress. The three boys were placed in three different socio-economic situations one blue-collar, middle-class, and wealthy home. Their entire life had been an experiment entangled in a web of lies. Ultimately the triplets had to face the harsh reality that their life was an experiment and they never had any say in any of it.

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Haley Singer

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  1. I found this article to be very interesting but also disturbing. It seems very inhumane and unfair that from birth, these people grew up as part of an experiment. Instead of trying to keep these children together, they were purposefully placed in different home environments and were observed for years. The saddest part is that people thought it was justifiable to manipulate several lives for their own interest.

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