Mikey Williams: San Diego’s possible prospect or possible suspect?

Micheal Anthony “Mikey” Williams is an American high school basketball player from San Diego who was best known for his promising basketball skills in shooting, playmaking, and handling. He played alongside Bronny James who is the son of Lebron James and they both played in an AAU team called the Blue Chips. Mikey was playing for San Ysidro high school in California and then later transferred to a Christian academy named Vertical Academy which was an extension of Lake Norman Christian high school in North Carolina.

However, things can change in a matter of seconds when you are a highly anticipated athlete that has been caught doing a possible crime that will forever cripple Mikey Williams’ career. The athlete pleaded not guilty to multiple felony charges that a shooting occurred on March 27, 2023, in his Thursday court hearing in April. His court hearing was by videoconference due to security concerns by an attorney by the name of Troy P. Owens. Mikey Willaims was aware of his rights and acknowledges that he can’t possess a firearm or ammunition as a condition of remaining free on a 50,000 dollar bond.

Williams was going to start playing for Memphis University for the next season however, due to his arrest he needed to be investigated for charges of assault with a deadly weapon and one count of firing at a moving occupied vehicle. With the charges he is facing, he could be looking at up to 28 years in prison if he is convicted of all counts.

Police stated that Williams supposedly fired a gun at people who had left his house in San Diego.

“Five people got into a car and as they were driving away, shots were fired,” according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department incident report. “The car was hit, but no one was hurt.”

Williams’ attorney, Owens had stated that the incident had occurred due to an “altercation” at William’s home. Due to the arrest of Williams, his attorney requested the court for a videoconference on the reason that the public is giving Williams threats.

Mikey Williams will be represented by Owens in another court hearing on June 15th however he was ordered to be personally present for a preliminary hearing which is scheduled for June 29th. Who knows how it will turn out, is Mikey Williams innocent or guilty of his actions? It is still being investigated as sports networks such as ESPN ask Williams’ attorney about the incident however he cannot give any information out until the time has come.

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4 thoughts on “Mikey Williams: San Diego’s possible prospect or possible suspect?

  1. Sad to hear, I was close to playing Mikey in the State playoffs my Senior year before covid hit. He was (still is to a degree) a huge deal in all of SD. We’ve had a lot of great talent in the past few years, Jaylen Hands, Boogie Ellis, Brandon McCoy, and tons others but none had his kind of attention. Hopefully he is able to figure out whatever is going on. It’s strange to see people throw away the possibility of something like the NBA, but people make mistakes all the times and throw away opportunities all the time so maybe this type of phenomenon shouldn’t seem this surprising.

  2. Mikey Williams reminds me of Ja Morant to a degree, both are amazing basketball players who have all the talent in the world but, seemingly emough want to get themselves involved with things that they should not be getting involved in. Mikey Williams has been in the spotlight since he was about 12 years old and has always been a star, there is 0 reason for him to have a firearm or even fire a gun when he is just one year away from having more than 25 million dollars to his name. 25 million reasons to no longer be involved with the situations he got himself into. Of course there is the question of does he truly have a choice to not get involved with the guns and firearms? Just my thought in the end, athletes and public figures should know what they have and try and fight to protect it all costs

  3. I’ve been following Mikey William’s career since he was in middle school playing alongside Lebron Jame’s son. He has always been a big deal in San Diego, especially the Chula Vista/ San Ysidro area because he was an elite basketball prospect. I went to watch a couple of his games in high school because he was known for attracting basketball stars to his games. The actions of Mikey are disappointing and possibly career-ending. Obviously, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, however, these allegations have already derailed his college career and possibly added a huge barricade in his journey towards the NBA.

  4. Hello Gerardo, hope all is well. I enjoyed reading your article post! It’s very interesting how someone of such talent can get caught doing something so unintelligent. I wonder if Mikey Williams thought of his career when he shot at the car with the firearm. It’s kind of sad how uprising athletes must watch their every step because any little mistake can come back and bite them. I had no idea he was going to attend Memphis University! It’s kind of funny because Ja Morant, on the Memphis Grizzlies, was reported to have committed assault one summer after a pick-up game. Also, I wonder why Williams is receiving threats from the public. Is it just because he committed a crime or is it something more?

    Something else I was considering when reading your article was whether basketball is considered an art. I don’t know what creative aspect of it besides playmaking and doing special tricks with the physical ball where it may be considered an art.

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