Chicano. The term created for Mexican American’s who do not feel like they belong completely in Mexico or America. Mexico will say that they are too “white washed,” to be from their grounds, but America will say they are “too Mexican” to be American. The majority of the population is in Southern California. From the Zoot Suit Riots to the Brown Berets, chicanos have fought proudly to let it be known that we belong on this land. This is what Chicano Park in San Diego, California represents every time anyone passes by or attends events. This park was the center of the community for chicanos, and in 1970 the city tried to put a highway patrol station under the same bridge where chicano park was located. Many Mexican-Americans did would not stand for that and fought to keep this beloved park by the neighborhood, and they won. Just recently the 53rd Annual Chicano Park day was celebrated and being there the love for the culture and community was extremely present.

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Azul Zaragoza

9 thoughts on “Chicano Park Day

  1. As someone who can identify as both Mexican and American at the same time this park is very known for its art and diversity. Understanding that Chicano Park is not only for one ethnicity is very important to understand, this park hosts many events and many helpful resources.

  2. As a second generation Mexican-American Chicana, I feel the same way when I try to represent my culture. It is a bit insensitive for our own people to say we are “white-washed” when we try our best to speak the language. However, I think it is important to continue generations of Mexican culture because our families migrated here to have a better life for us. The best we can do at least is continue to learn it and share it!

  3. As someone coming from a similar background, I have always found myself trying to explain my ethnicity rather than fully express it. Either individuals think I am lying or that I am too whitewashed to even be considered “Mexican”. Being new to the San Diego area, I am excited to learn more about the Chicano Park and plan to visit it soon! I value places that acknowledge the minority rather than the common majority, as it already feels very welcoming.

  4. This is a great article because never knew about Chicano Park. I think it’s amazing that they were able to preserve the park and fight for it to be protected. This is a great example of cultural preservation that allows others to be educated. I hope this tradition continues and the local San Diego community is able to appreciate its beauty and its history.

  5. This article explains “Chicano” and its importance to Mexican Americans who have a sense of cultural identity that does not align solely with Mexico or the US. It describes the struggles Chicanos face in working for acceptance from both cultures. The article also highlights the pride felt by the community’s history of activism and resistance.

  6. I had no idea what the history of Chicano Park was like! I recently frequented some of the businesses in the Barrio and really enjoyed my time there. Shoutout to Fish Guts – yummmy!

  7. Barrio Logan’s Chicano Park is beautiful! Not only does it celebrate traditions of Mexican-Americans, it also values and educates the public of the beauty of the culture. The feeling of “ni de aqui, ni de alla” is common among Mexican Americans, particularly for first generation individuals. That being said, I am glad that the park offers a sentiment of inclusiveness.

  8. As a native San Diegan, I have had the opportunity to visit Chicano Park multiple times, and it is always so beautiful. Although I have visited many times, I have only recently learned this history of the park. The city was going to tear down the neighborhood, gentrify it, and build the Coronado Bridge. The community did not let this stand and fought to preserve their home. They won this battle and celebrated by painting beautiful murals that showcase their culture and made the park the historic place it is today. I feel so grateful and lucky that I have had the opportunity to experience the park.

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