The PIP company has recently gone through trial concerning its faulty breast implants. Apparently the PIP breast implants were below standards and would actually break apart much more often than other implants. The PIP implants have affected many women across the world, and in fact hundreds of women piled into the courtroom to make their statements against PIP. At the height of this scandal, artist Camille Lorin, has decided to make a peculiar piece of art. Her exhibition, called the “PIP Show,” will be on display for one day in Marseille, France. It just so happens that this year is Marseille’s year as the European Capital of Culture, so the “PIP Show” will get a lot of exposure. “PIP Show” consists of hundreds of silicon breast implants hanging from the ceiling in fishnet stockings. Lorin says the piece of art is meant to shine light on the real problem of the PIP scandal: women feeling to need to get breast implants. I love what Lorin is doing. She’s making art that ties in with a large story so it garners more attention for the cause she is trying to promote. In her case, the cause is persuading women that they don’t need surgery to be beautiful–they already are. She plainly puts the breast implants into another “accessory” that women often use to be beautiful, fishnet stockings, and putting them together. In effect, she’s saying “these bundles right here are what society says you need to be beautiful, but once you see them like this, you’ll hopefully realize they’re nothing more than unnecessary artificial objects.” I think it’s a wonderful piece of art and I’m really glad I came across this story. What do you think?

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