The real estate market has definitely been hit hard these past couple years. So much so, that Rapid Realty employers have promised employees an additional 15% commission for getting “tatted-up”. Not just any tattoo design, though. The Rapid Realty logo, itself! So far, 37 out of about 700 employees have joined in on the work craze. The company describes the double R tattoo as a symbol of their realtors’ dedication to their work as well as a bit of extraordinary advertising. Workers have gotten various forms of the company logo as a body art. Rapid Realty has branded these devoted employees as their “[B]randed [A]mbassadors” (Source: Yahoo! News). Once deemed a deviant art, tattoos have become a type of pop-art in today’s culture. So much so, employees do not have to cover-up their tattoos. Finally, a company that wants to see some skin (oh… I mean body art)!

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