Since 1913, a cross has been erected at the top of Mount Soledad in La Jolla, California, as a symbol of Christianity. Not until the late 20th century, though, was it converted to a tribute to war veterans. The Mt. Soledad Cross has been disputed ever since its creation. The purpose of the cross was to give homage to the Korean War veterans. Hundreds of war veteran photos and descriptions were etched into the cross’ surrounding walls. Critics claimed that the cross had a more Christian overtone that violated the separation of church and state as well as the Californian No Preference Law. Rather than depicting a memorial art piece, some took it as a protruding Easter monument. Since the cross lie on La Jolla City property before it was transformed into a memorial, it was sold to the U.S. government and changed then. Courts have still judged the Korean memorial to be illegal because of the religious symbolism. Various solutions have been offered to the debate, including dismantlement, relocation to church grounds, or resale of Mt. Soledad property to a private owner. Those who support the cross have not agreed to the proposed solutions.

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