Earlier this year, angry union protestors engaged in a rather peaceful form of protest that simultaneously walked the fine line between legal and illegal. “Union’s Giant Video Near White House Urges Halt to Deportations,” an article by Michael D. Shear that was published in the New York Times, describes labor union members that were strongly opposed to the level of deportations occurring in the United States projecting an enormous video onto the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization headquarters building, which is two blocks away from the White House. “Labor officials said they hoped that the White House would take notice of what they described as ‘a massive public art display’ to highlight the plight of immigrant workers.” They planned to show the 11 minute video, full of photos of affected families and statistics about deportation, on repeat for over 2 hours on 3 consecutive days. Was this relatively shocking act devalued considering the building on which it was projected—the building of a federation of international labor unions—which is already representative of many union groups?

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