Shutting down art centers should be considered a crime

UCSD had been shutting down avenues for art over the years. First they closed down the crafts center in 2012 due to budget cuts. After that they closed graffiti hall, then attempted to shut down Che Cafe and the university art gallery. Despite numerous protests from students, the art avenues are constantly being threatened by the university regarding being shut down. It should be a crime to close down major art avenues at a university due to multiple reasons. First off, numerous studies have shown that the arts help deviate stress, promote emotional well-being, and allow for a better functioning student body. College is a stressful time for many students, and shutting down art centers does not help the situation. Furthermore, students are paying the same fees to go to school, regardless of their major, so why should art majors have fewer opportunities and places for their art than any other major? Some may argue that the arts do not bring in enough money to support the art centers, but how can they if art majors are not provided with the same opportunities and resources as everyone else?

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