Sometimes by hearing and seeing something it can influence people to act a certain way. Specially when some people and popular media refer to alcohol and drugs. Today’s motion media portrays people getting out of control by showing them drunk, and drugged. Some well known movies with alike situations are “21 & Over, Scarface, Blood In Blood Out, and Project X.” These movies have fume and caused people to relate in some shape or form.

For example, in the “21 & Over” movie one can see a college male celebrating his 21st birthday. He goes out for some drinks and later gets a hangover. In the movie “Scarface” one can see a refugee from Cuba raising a drug empire, and at the same time drinking some alcohol. In the movie “Blood In Blood Out” one can see a combination of gang violence and street crimes, which includes drugs, alcohol, and sex. The movie with the latest negative impact on society is “Project X.” This movie involves high schoolers celebrating at a party in a reckless, and violent behavior, or what others called a complete chaos with its nudity, drugs, and drinks scenes. All movies mentioned above had an impact and a consequence. As matter of fact a recent party in the United States brought similar scenes from the movie “Project X” to life. At least for Denis Lesak in his article named “How a Project-X like party in Texas wrecked a $500,000 home” a party that probably without the “Project X” movie could have resulted in an other story. According to Denis Lesak “The party was attended by more than 2,000 underage people. The party was at a farm in Mecosta County, Michigan and got out of control” (Lesak, 2016). By out of control one can guess Denis Lesak meant law enforcement officers as well as medical cars being dispatched to the party due to alcohol, drug abuses, and people being hospitalized, or sexually assaulted.

All this is proof beyond reasonable doubt that when young adults mixed their fears and their pleasures just for the fun of feeling the thrill of replicating a well known movie it could lead to terrible consequences. Is media like motion movies to blame for their illicit acts, or is it just the outcome of our deviant culture? At least what it’s known is when young high schoolers and some movies are mixed it can get out of control!

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