Although this story happens in the movie “Big Eyes” (Directed by Tim Burton), claiming copyrights to the artists who created the original arts is very important. In the movie, Margaret is a talented artist who got the job as painting illustrator after the divorce with her husband. She also paints portraits, which have the special features of big eyes, for the art show the park. In the art show, Margaret and Walter Keane meet and become married. After they got married, Keane started to sell Margaret’s paintings which quickly become popular that everyone wants to buy related products of Margaret’s works. However, the problem was that Walter has been telling the public and even their daughter that he is the original creator of the art. Margaret also found out that Walter actually stole art works from other original artists by painting his own name on them and sell them in the art show before they got married. Later the story sadly progresses to the point that Walter threatens Margaret to not speak the truth or else he will harm her. After going through all the storms, Margaret finally declared to the public that she is the creator of the art with the theme of the big eyes. Similar cases such as copyright violations in the world of art and music are very common. Of course, most of us might not be able to identify the crime Walter committed in the movie, but we are all violators of some copyrights in our daily life. For example, downloading songs and movies from an illegal website happen so commonly that no one is saying anything about such infringement act. It is difficult to track down who is the original owner of an intellectual property since our modern technology allows us to speedily share information with the rest of world. We may think about whether having a reform of our copyright system is necessary.

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