Jenny Holzer is an artist who is not afraid to speak the truth. From sex crime tattoos, to simple poetry, all the way to declassified US war documents, she displays her words across the world. She is commissioned by many and she chooses populated areas to show off her messages. Some of my favorite works of hers are the projected texts she has broadcasted, like the picture shown above. In 1982, Jenny had a piece displaying explicit one-lined statements she called Truisms on a billboard in Times Square, knowing the immensity of viewers it would give her. She follows a particular theme of showing the effects left from politics and war conflict. In 2005, she decided to incorporate retired US war documents into paintings. This article provides her answers to some recent interview questions, which give insight on her inspiration. What really caught my attention after reading it was how she is not afraid to be controversial, she is proud of her art, no matter who it may offend. When asked about her work she explained, “I think of the active conflict, the people fleeing from it, the people lost from it”. This quote stuck with me, because it shows she creates her artwork not just for herself but for others. She wants to be a voice, and her words allow for that voice to be heard. This specific article and interview involve her upcoming war piece at the Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, UK. It is another piece focused on war and the population of those who are affected by it. So many people can fit into that category, do you relate to this unspoken conflict? The issues no one wants to talk about are the ones Jenny focuses on. Her work sometimes conveys messages against the government, the privileged, the ones who do not realize how good they have it, because there are victims staying silent that she feels necessary to vouch for. Art can be an important form of communication, and for Jenny it is worth the risk. For more insight, read the interview below. Are you hearing her voice?

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