Blackface accusations taken too far?

This Staples employee decided to color his face black to be a sharpie for Halloween. The internet world is going ballistic saying this is interpreting blackface. People are saying he is braking Staples protocol and should be removed as a Staples employee because he is sending the wrong message. To the employee, it was simply a funny joke to be a sharpie. Now in days it seems like you must be careful with what you say or do because it could easily be misinterpreted. Was this employee in the wrong for wanting to color his face black? The internet people are saying that since the employee is white there will be no consequences even though there should be. It is a major controversy around the internet because this also happened with pictures that were released by Kim Kardashian’s makeup line. KKW Beauty released images that portrayed Kardashian as black face. Kardashian apologized and said it was simply “bad lighting” and that she would take those down and re take the photos. Has the internet taken it too far with the accusations of ‘black face’?

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Genesis R.

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