Lil pump had a performance over the weekend at a festival. The festival was open to all ages and most people were there for his performance. Lil Pump best known for “Gucci Gang” had everyone singing his lyrics. Before he performed ‘Gucci Gang’ as you can see in the video he threw a bag of Marijuana into the crowd. There is major controversy going around with this video. Some are saying that he should have done that because there were minors there specifically only to see artist and not to smoke. It is a crime to distribute Marijuana to minors and especially the way Lil Pump did. Others are saying that this is part of his art work that comes with his music. Supporters of Lil Pump are saying that it was expected for him to do and if you don’t smoke you should have stayed home. Is Lil Pump in the wrong for throwing weed into the crowd?

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Genesis R.

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