Selling Sex Instead of Clothes

The phrase sex sells is actually true. Everytime there is sex in advertising, contoversy always arises. Sex in advertising is designed to arouse interest in a particular product in order to increase the compaies revenue. We do not like to see advertisements like these but still choose to participate in the companies revenue. It is said that humans respond to certain primal urges, food is one, and sex is the other. So, even if we judge sexual advertisemets, that is what we unconsciously ask for.

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One thought on “Selling Sex Instead of Clothes

  1. I have recently been thinking about the question “why does sex sell”? A part of me believes that it could be due to the sheer pleasure or excitement erotic images can give someone, but I never chose to point the finger at primal urges. This to me was a very eye opening statement that I had never thought of previously. While some might think that the statement was obvious, a part of me feels as though we are so developed and evolved as a species we would surely be able to fight these urges…right?

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