There are so many types of products that we are exposed to everyday. Big brands like Dove often try and think out of the box in order to grab more people attention. In addition, they try and think out of the box in order to have people distinguish them from others. This week around dove may have made a big mistake. Their latest ad displays a African American women who has Dove bottle next to her and when she takes her shirt off she turns white. At this point people have seen the add and claiming this is racially insensitive. It make sense because nowadays there is a lot of racism that you see happening and people don’t hold back in calling brands out. Dove has apologized but people are still saying that they need to respect black women. Dove needs to do better and have people tripple checking what commercials they are putting out.

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ruben garcia

One thought on “Controversial Dove Commercial

  1. I remember the controversy surrounding this Dove advertisement, but I don’t remember ever seeing the full video, only the portion in which a Black woman turned into a White woman. Now, having watched the full video, I don’t have the same opinion on it as I did in the past. Then, I agreed with many others in calling this advertisement insensitive and thinking that Dove, as a large corporation with a lot of influence, should know better. Now seeing the full video, I’m wondering if the purpose of this was really to gain publicity as just as many people were defending the company as people were attacking it. Regardless, people, including myself, were very quick to attempt to “cancel” a brand when they were trying to emphasize the inclusivity of their products.

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