A painting conceived by the internet awakens our society’s dark interest in death. The image depicts a dead women on the floor of her home with blood spatter on the wall behind her, a gun in her right hand, and a cigarette in her left and asks its viewers to decide whether or not it was a suicide or murder. This painting has left many loose ends that the viewers are meant to connect and they argue the reasonings behind why the picture could be showing a murder and why it could be showing a suicide. Either way this image has sparked a debate on why some think that it is a suicide and why others are prone to think otherwise. Through the comments and reasonings it is clear that this is something that many people in society are fascinated by and will look at the painting for hours trying to solve the puzzle. Kudos to the artist for making it so complex in which both arguments for suicide and homicide are plausible reasonings for the crime scene depicted in the artwork and that goes to show how much thought and consideration went into such a gruesome depiction meant to feed our cultures dark fascination with not only crime, but death.

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Shavonee Eakins

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