Controversial Illustrations of Todays Struggles

Polish artist, Igor Morski depicts some of todays struggles in his art work. Most notably for me is the stagnant water depicted in this picture with a child as the passenger in a boat with the mother on top and the father in the reflection below the boat seated in the opposite direction of the mother. There are so many ways this can be depicted as I discovered in the comments below the picture on the website. Some people saw it as the father in battle with the mother. Neither is able to move forward and the child is a passenger unable to move in either direction. Some viewed it as a mother and father working together to row the boat but being on opposite sides. Some viewed it as a possible father being absent due to death and the father watching over them. While some viewed it as a way of showing the burden of a single mother when a father chose absence. Any way you choose to understand the art it is clear that in todays society the relationships or family dynamics are controversial and that one picture can bring forth so much based on what experience you had a child or parent.

The fact that the mother has the child as her passenger and not the father I think strongly depicts how it is more often a mother is the more likely parent to be with the child for whatever reason in our society.

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