Title of article ‘Re-education camps’ where is the justice?

Since the publication of this video, China has said to have released most of all the Uighurs “prisoners”, the muslim minority living in northwest china, from the recently exposed internment camps. Already living in a high-tech surveillance state, this muslim minority group has been watched, humiliated, and locked up for “re-education”. From China, to Israel, to even here in the United States, what gives these governments the right to capture and displace millions of people based on discrimination and racism. Of course, the world is far too political to take any action, the American government is a prime example. Where is the justice? Who stops the worlds governments when they can’t even stop themselves. There is no such thing as a utopian society, America a far cry from it, who pays for the destroyed lives of millions upon millions, when the people who make those decisions still get to go home.

#china #humanrights #education

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