Food for Thought – Girls’ Bodies

Unfortunately I do not know much about where this street billboard, who put it up or why. I came across this picture on Facebook. This billboard sends a powerful message that girls are not responsible for what is done to them.

Through the controversy over the past couple of years, public figures being accused of sexual misconduct, a message seemed lost in the hype. So many people were being accused, that the severity of sexual assault it almost seemed common place and lost its’ meaning.

From a young age, girls are being sent home from school because their shirts are too “distracting” to the boys in the class. Instead of punishing those girls for their clothes, why aren’t the boys being taught self-control? When do we stop using the saying “boys will be boys” and teach them the proper way to behave around women?

#sexualviolence #billboards

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Allyson Rega

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