Mckamey Manor Haunt – You’re In For A Real Treat

The Mckamey Manor was featured on Netflix’s “Dark Tourist” wherein David Farrier dives into the art of scare. The Mckamey Manor is known as the world’s most extreme “haunt” wherein participants go through a ten-hour “horror bootcamp”. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be awarded $20,000 USD – that’s if you can complete it. To date, nobody has successfully completed the haunt. In fact, the average time most people last is about 8 minutes.

In order to participate, you must meet certain requirements including being over the age of 21, obtain clearance from your Doctor and sign a 40 page liability waiver detailing everything that will happen to you. During the haunt, participants are subject to being drowned, physically smashed with tools, buried 12 feet underground, eat live insects, and even have their teeth pulled which Russ Mckamey (owner of the Mckamey manor) himself states in the videos on his website.

Mckamey claims to be a “straight edge” wedding singer never having been drunk in his life, drank a cup of coffee or even smoked a cigarette. In recent interviews McKamey indicates that people are not actually injured the way they say they were, rather, the haunt is all psychological work where people simply believe they are living their own nightmares. This contradicts what he says in the videos posted on his website where he says people knew what they were in for as it’s detailed in the 40 page waiver. Despite the intensity of the haunt, there are 27,000 people on the waitlist for this experience. Is the Mckamey Manor a modern cult? Where do we draw the line between legal torture and entertainment?


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Prescilla Kline

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