On November 5th, eight people in total died at Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert that took place in Houston Texas and within the past week the death toll has increased to 10. The deceased victims of the tragedy raged in ages from 9 to 27. There are still currently several fans left in the hospital in critical condition. As of now, there are a lot of speculations surrounding the artist and rapper Travis Scott. While there are many things that have not been confirmed due to the ongoing investigation, there are a few things that are undeniable about what happened during the concert. First off, after an ambulance arrived, Scott did in fact stop performing for a few minutes to center on the attention of the fan that had passed out and then continued to perform for the next 30 minutes all while 7 more fans were also unconscious and countless people getting injured. There have been several videos of fans climbing onto the stage begging for help because people were dying. In addition, Scott continued to perform after law enforcement declared the event a mass casualty. Scott and his team claim that this news never reached them during the live event.

Secondly, Travis Scott has also been very well known to encourage fans to sneak into his concerts as well as have them form mosh pits and participate in rage-like behavior. He has shown to do this by encouraging his fans while at the concert as well as on social media which resulted in other incidents at his concerts in 2015 and again in 2017 which resulted in a fan left paralyzed and numerous fans jumping the security barricade. However, Scott was only required to pay small fines for enticing these incidents. Due to the tragedy that happened on the 5th of this month, Scott has since received over 100 different lawsuits for injured fans and families of the deceased.

While many point fingers at Scott, it has also been discovered that Live Nation Entertainment sold 50,00 tickets for a venue that had a maximum capacity of 20,000. It now is undecided who is to fully blame for this mass casualty that occurred that left several dead and hundreds injured and law enforcement has announced that the investigation could take weeks to several months. It has always been said that with great power comes great responsibility. Power is something that Scott has but with that said, he is also not alone. Behind this one man, there are numerous people who are running the show, not just the one under the spot light.

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Madelyn Huss

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