There has been a long history of society thinking that Rap music is hurting society and corrupting the youth with the messages in the lyrics. Seeing the media attack and criticize rap music has been happening since before N.W.A over two decades ago. However, recently in the Hip Hop community there has been a resurgence of “conscious rap” where they steer from rapping about glamorizing the street life. There are even rappers like Nipsy Hussle and 21 Savage who encourage people to invest their money instead of spending it on cars, clothes, and jewelry.

But apparently for a member of the media, DJ Akademics, that isn’t ok. DJ Akademics, who has an internet show with Complex Magazine and streams gameplay on Twitch, stated how he didn’t want this new 21 Savage and wanted the old 21 who rapped about drugs and murder. People who listen to rap know what they want to hear, but should we have the media asking for stopping progress?

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