Nikolas Cruz was accused of a mass school shooting in Parkland Florida on February 14, 2018. As the media watches in horror, questions remain: Why did Cruz do what he had to do? What caused his violent behavior? What was life like for him. When it comes to the media, communities, and overall people coming together, they all despise the humanity of Cruz and his vile act of taking away the souls of seventeen. What most fail to realize is his background. While his actions are unjustifiable, his history is intriguing and worth understanding. Growing up being bullied, falling under numerous mental disorders, being ostracized, he really had nothing to lose. For someone to feel alone and not given enough attention his whole life has how been given the attention of shame and being despised. Society tends to fail to provide the humanity that Cruz deserved but was never given that humanity. Instead, he was received abandonment and the torture of him not including himself into society due to his complications. Society must grasp the idea of learning to help one another and to check up on one another before the individual will burn his own land, just to feel the warmth that he never had.

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