Criminal Art: Paintings By Famous Killers and Criminals

Artworks that are created by gangster, killers, or shooters have been auctioned off for thousands. If not for these infamous criminal artist would these artworks be worth so much money? Many of these artists lack technical abilities therefore implying that the arts value stems from the heinous crimes committed. These works of art raise “questions about how we view art and creativity in relation to personality and criminality.” Among the artists are Adolf Hitler known for the systematic genocide of millions; The Kray Twins convicted for armed robberies violent assaults, torture, and murder; ‘Night Stalker’ Richard Ramirez who is currently awaiting the death penalty for the murder of 14 people; Ottis Elwood Toole whose crimes ranged from necrophilia and cannabilism; Henry Lee Lucas a serial killer believed to be responsible for approximately 300 murders.

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