Skateboarding=ART…So Why is it Considered a Crime in Certain Areas?

You may be wondering how can a sport such as skateboarding be considered art, however, I am here to tell you why. An artist doesn’t come out of the womb being Pablo Picasso, they must first gain experience and go through cycles of emotions to get inspiration for their painting, if that is what the artist chooses to specify in. Furthermore, artists seem to get better and better the more they paint. Sometimes, there is this fear that comes with being an artist because one is unsure of how the finished piece is going to come out until it is fully finished.

This is in relation to skateboarding because one must learn the basics in order to master the intermediate tricks. Furthermore, there is that fear factor that comes with skateboarding. As a skateboarder, I can say this is true. I remember dropping down my first half pipe and I was scared out of my mind. I kept on rehearsing the different ways I could possibly fall in my mind. For example, I would fall backward and hit my head on the ramp, or fall forwards and knock out some of my teeth. However, I remember my friend yelling at me “to get over my fear!” He also yelled, “don’t think about it too much and just do it!” I listened to him and blocked out the fear of falling, and I did end up falling, however, the important thing is that I attempted to go down the halfpipe. This story shows how important fear is when it comes to skating. You have to be insane to say that you have never experienced fear when trying to complete a trick or simply attempting to ride a skateboard.

Skateboarding is related to artistry, not only because of its sense of freedom and growth but also, because fear plays a factor. I understand how difficult it is to be successful in the art industry because talent is a social construct and it is something that is always changing. Someone may perceive someone as talented, however, a different person may see them as having a terrible sense of taste. No matter the context, I believe that artists fear how others perceive their art. I mean it’s only reasonable to think this because of the amount of pressure that is put on artists to do well by others. However, we must acknowledge that some of the best work has come from blocking the fear out, however, what if we aren’t even given the ability to do so?

The lack of skateparks has caused people to skateboard in urban areas, however, they are often confronted and given tickets by the police. The community has classified them as outcasts because they are communicating to skateboarders that they are not welcome here. Especially with the amount of barriers put on benches, rails, and sidewalks. Skateboarders aren’t trying to rebel against the system, however, they’re trying to make do with what they have. Therefore, there are so many creative ways in which skateboarders have created tricks to counter the barriers set forth in their path

Below I will attach an informative, funny video that explains how to get over the fear factor that comes with skateboarding. I will also attach an article posted by the Guardian which contains a video of skaters trying to perform tricks on a bench that’s sole purpose is to be a bench. It was created in a way so homeless people can’t sleep on it and skaters can’t skate, however, they still managed to perform tricks on it. Hopefully, you have learned about the similarities between skateboarding and art; also the problem which street skateboarders face.

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Manny Carrillo

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