Intro to G.U.N. – Generation of United Nortenos

This is one of the most controversial albums ever recorded. Not a statement… It’s a fact. This was the album that started rising gangster rapper Sir Dyno and imprisoned the majority of the Nuestra Familia gang of Northern California.

This tape titled “G.U.N.: Generations of United Norteños — XIV Till Eternity”, was actually a recruiting tool for the prison gang which spawned a massive five million dollar plus FBI investigation known as Operation Black Widow. In all, 21 people were indicted in the FBI’s three-year investigation into Nuestra Familia. When it concluded in April 2001, it was one of the largest take downs on a prison gang in US history.

This recording was released in 1998 which sparked a lot of controversy and rallied many youths to join Norteno gangs. The recruiting tool was executed to perfection. I resided in Salinas at the time and recall everyone listening to or owning this album. It really surprised me how many people took to the lyrics and content of the music. In my opinion this clever idea really did resonate with youngster of the time. The appeal caused many misguided individuals to join the Norteno gang movement which created an environment for heightened gang violence against their enemies.

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