Fans recreating crimes that artists sing about

In the song “Stan” by Eminem he sings about a person named Stan who writes a letter to him as a fan. In the letter Stan compares himself to Eminem and the crimes that he raps about in his songs. Throughout the song Stan writes repeated letters to Eminem but with no reply back he records one last letter describing to him that he has tied up his girlfriend and placed her into the back of his car. He drank a fifth of vodka and begins to drive and you hear in the recording that he drove off a mountain and lands in the water. At the end of the song Eminem writes a letter back to Stan saying that in his songs he is just joking about what he raps about and that it is not true. As he is writing the letter he realizes that the person he heard about in the news that drove off a mountain with their girlfriend in the car is Stan.

The music is an art but the lyrics that Eminem sings about are about crimes. This songs shows that many people take music too literal and believe that what some artists are singing about is the truth. They idolize the artists so much that they begin to act like them and believe that it is okay and that they may get away with crimes.

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