In this song “Stan” by Eminem and Elton John. This song is looking at a guy named Stan and how he was the biggest fan of Eminem and he would always write him letters about how much he loved him. However he would never get a response back to his letters and this made him become very crazy and he would keep sending letters saying how he was angry and that all he wanted from Eminem was for him to acknowledge him because he is his biggest fan and he believed that him and Eminem should be together. Still there was no reply to Stan’s letters so he decided to throw his girlfriend into the trunk of his car and drive 90 on the free way while he was drunk. His plan was to kill himself and his girlfriend. Here we can see how he had psychological problems and this led Stan to kill himself and his girlfriend. In this song we could see how Stan had a really serious problem and something needed to be done to help him and it was only till the end of the song when someone wanted to help him but by this time it was too late. Due to this it led him to commit the crime that he did.

Here this helps us to look at art and crime because rap music is a type of art. With rap the artist is writing poems and transferring it into a song and this could be seen as art. With the rap music they are using it to talk about everyday life and talk about crime that happens in society. With this song it helps us to see how art and crime has come together.

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