Government: The War Against Stolen Violins

This is the story of the violin stolen in Milwaukee (for ful story visit: This was no ordinary violin, in fact it is a famed Stradivarius. For those who do not know the Strad is supposedly one of the best designed violin, with its old nature creating deep rich sounds far better than any other violin. Now I am not questioning whether or not this is fact. What I want to know is why the police acted as such: “Aware of the cultural significance of the violin—and that time was of the essence—the Milwaukee Police Department swiftly marshaled its forces and requested the FBI’s assistance tracking down possible leads outside Wisconsin. Special Agents Tim Bisswurm and Brian Due began gathering information about the weapon used in the robbery, which led to one of the big breaks in the case.” This Violin gets stolen, and immediately the FBI is contacted?? Typically people of insane importance, or if there are reoccurring killings does the FBI get involved. As soon as it is an expensive instrument they are contacted?? We as a society value such material things, so much, Whether it is the reliance of materiality or the fact that the sound of violins alter our feelings, why is the value so intensely high?? Is it the money worth or the story value that grants this instrument such value?? Should a stolen violin warrant the FBI’s attention immediately??

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