Coloring the white city – Belgrade stencil art documentary

When many people envision an urban landscape they see opportunity, adventure and excitement. Street artists on the other hand see a blank canvas in which they can visually express their individual ideals. Although critics view the median of this art form illegal and consider it as vandalism or graffiti, can it fall under cultural criminology? In America we treasure the freedom of expression and associate it with a fundamental principle of liberty. Culture can be defined as a collective meaning, a set of norms shared by a group of people. A form of expression which can be symbolically associated with a specific community is art. Although the act of street art may be illegal (trespassing, vandalism) is it the act which concerns the community or the message the artist are trying to convey? Throughout American entertainment we relish crime exploitation because it exposes us to taboo behaviors at a safe and comfortable distance. Street art on the other hand encompasses a three dimensional experience which can take people out of their comfort level. Does the level of confrontation create the criminal aspect? Although Actus Rea and Mens Rea can be attached the real danger comes from the level of harm the public interprets the individual act.

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