I have recently seen 3D chalk art popping up around on blogs that i follow and also at chalk art festivals I have been to recently. Much of this art (besides in festivals) is impromptu and, although not too terrible, disrupts the typical days of people. In general, street art does this, but 3D chalk art has taken a different twist to it. Although everyone may not like graffiti art, naturally, people have become more desensitized to this type of art. When walking down the street, one may see a piece of graffiti, and not take a second look, because they know what it is. Recently, alternative forms of street art have been occurring and once again disrupting the natural flow of things. One of these has been 3D chalk art. I have personally stumbled upon a piece while strolling around the city, and it surprised me. What makes this kind of art particularly clever, is that it distracts and can momentarily scare someone who is not paying attention. The art makes it look as if the sidewalk has split and revealed something not expected coming up from or dwelling in the illusion of the underground below.

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