The video game, Grand Theft Auto 4 is crime incarnate. You play as a criminal can commit several types of serious crime that isn’t just limited to grand theft auto, including murder, possession of illegal drugs and robbery .In this art form, you can commit heinous crimes and be free from bars. It’s easy to look at the game as just mindlessness, but if one actually progresses through the game by following the narrative, it can be seen that those who created the game illustrate several theories that relate completely to criminal behavior as well as society’s flaws as well as allow you to see the criminal’s point of view. The main character is indeed far from innocent, but he understands that what he does is wrong, and tries to escape the his lifestyle; he’s just like any other person on the outside. (Social Processes Theory). Most of the citizens of the city depict evidence of strain theory and differential association. Many minor characters indulge in crime to feed their materialism (strain), while others do so to escape poverty (social disorganization). In regards to differential association, many were born into crime families and thus learn and follow the lifestyle themselves. The series staple is also present: those with the money live in luxury while those without it, rot, implying that the law is favorable towards those in power. There also plenty of dark comedy that pokes fun at how desensitized we are to the entire thing. Video games as art from is an endless debate, but since all these things do seem to be based on perception, I’d say they can be, especially after simply taking a look at it.

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