What is the difference between graffiti and sidewalk art? Why do people normally see graffiti as a crime and sidewalk art as art? Both are done, completed, and showcased in public. Some artists have permits or permission and others do not. They both require immense amounts of time. Like most art, they require different tools and talent. Graffiti requires spray cans while sidewalk art requires chalk. Unfortunately, people discriminate between two similar, yet different, pieces of art work. People think that all graffiti is related to gangs and is therefore bad. People don’t ever think that the sidewalk art artist could be a criminal or is vandalizing the sidewalk. Also, people don’t ever think that a graffiti artist could actually have a permit or permission to conduct their art in that location. Most people wouldn’t think twice about calling the police on a graffiti artist but most of them would never think about calling the police on sidewalk art artists. I see these two forms of art very similar and respect the art the same way whenever I come about them.

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