Often our society views hip-hop as a negative form of art and can lead to crime just by listening to it. In the song “Criminal” by Eminem, he talks about how society and the media portrays him as a criminal just because he has edgy and controversial lyrics in his songs. In the chorus of the song he says, “Cause every time I write a rhyme, these people think it’s a crime to tell em what’s on my mind – I guess I’m a CRIMINAL.” He explains how his music is just an expression of himself and that just because people don’t agree with it doesn’t mean that he should be unfairly labeled without proof that he actually is a criminal. He also goes on to loosely state that what you see on TV and in society in general isn’t better than the lyrics that he puts in his songs. Hip-hop is just another form of art and shouldn’t be looked upon as negatively as the media portrays it.

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