Eminem Rapped About Punching Lana Del Rey “Like Ray Rice” And A Lot Of People Are Upset About It


Today musicians are regarded as lyrical artists that put emotions into rhythm. Eminem has been regarded as one of the greatest rap artists of past decades. His music has inspired many underprivileged youths and influenced their lives. However, in one of his more recent songs, Eminem relates to a domestic abuse case regarding a NFL player hitting his girlfriend and knocking her unconscious. People are very upset by his lyrics and think that he has crossed a line. If you listen to Eminem’s music from the past, many of his lyrics are offensive but no one has said anything until now about it. So has his most recent song just taken it to a new level since he mentions a victim by name or because the incident is so recent? This may be the case because fans and non fans are upset by his song. Should a man with such public sway be allowed to say such things that advocate violence?

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