You may have seen these gruesome images before, especially if the Black Dahlia case fascinates you. The case surrounding Elizabeth Short’s murder has been made into numerous books and movies, and her unsolved case still attracts major attention over 60 years after her death. It may be a guilty pleasure to want to know “whodunnit?” but in a world that finds violent video games so offensive, should Hollywood really be allowed to cash in the death of a young woman? After all, Hollywood didn’t show Short much love when she wanted her fame. She moved to the big city with dreams of fame, and eventually had to find work as a call girl. Now, after her death, her character has been used in numerous films. Is it right for people to cash in on the stories of murder victims?

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One thought on “Who profits from murder?

  1. I don’t think it is right to take advantage of the body and tragic story of someone who has just been brutally murdered. Especially since that person never gave her permission to use her story as publicity. There are ways to bring awareness to this case without using names and pictures. However, I think people get blindsided by the amount of attention and money they can gain from talking about this case or any other murder case.

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