Born in Peru, educated at UCLA, Carlos Castaneda took his chicano studies professor seriously when assigned to talk to and interview any Mexican-American Indian. In Ixtlan, Mexico, Castaneda met up with the Nagual Don Juan who took Castaneda in for a 19 year long apprenticeship. Recording every day in journals, he wrote 11 books to portray the Teachings of the Don Juan. With 28 million copies sold, the warrior’s path was well know for requiring the use of peyote for entering higher states of consciousness. As the book spread throughout the US, schools discouraged exposing students to these books. Posession of peyote can result in 15 years of prison or/and a 25,000$ fine. There is, however, an act that allows peyote as a means for practicing religion. As his influence grows, Castaneda challenges today’s modern view on hallucinogenics and shows their possible benefits. Books include “The Art of Dreaming” and “The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge”.

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