Though I noted the subject had been touched on, I felt like there was more to add in regards to the Mexican ballads referencing the drug trade, known as “narcocorridos”. There are all types of ‘corridos’, ranging from those honoring war heroes to immigration advocacy, but I will focus specifically on “narcocorridos”. In order to truly grasp and understand what is currently happening with corridos, we would have to take a look at their origins and the culture that revolves around narco-corridos. To cover and clarify that entire concept would be an extremely lengthy and thorough discussion. For the sake of this short post, let’s just understand that corridos are songs made in reference to the drug trade and that we’ve reached a new age in the narcocorrido genre. Unfortunately, corridos have recently experienced a major shift in regards to context and audience. Going extremely mainstream, they have attracted followers which in my opinion have damaged the reputation and perception of narco-corridos. It sounds kind of stupid, but the sub genre of shitty, cheesy, and fictitious corridos has grown due to this new following. Not to say that shitty and unrealistic corridos have never been around, however we now see more of them and for whatever reason they’re among the most popular. Equally important, that does not mean that genuine and authentic narco-corridos are no longer produced because we still have true corridos being produced. However, corridos are still being exploited, mass produced, and targeted at a population of people who 10 years ago did not even listen to corridos. In their inherent, authentic, and original existence narco corridos were listened to by people who were in one way or another related to the culture and scene of corridos. Today we have dumbass kids and adults, who can barely speak fluent spanish, listening to narcocorridos and thinking they’re big shit because they snort coke and drink whiskey. This has cost the overall genre of narcocorridos its validity and genuity due to this new audience that has managed to take over the corporate and mainstream aspects. In my opinion, despite the change this new age for corridos has been both beneficial and a set back. On one hand, we’ve had a tremendous amount of music produced and innovation within the corrido genre itself. A lot of experimenting is taking place with mixing instruments and distinct voices are now being appreciated. On the other hand, we’ve had a culture specific art that has been exploited for entertainment purposes to people who truly do not understand the culture that revolves around corridos. A culture that is was once appreciated for being humble and modest is now appreciated for being arrogant, hostile, and common. The attached video is a representation of the new and innovative corridos being produced that remain true and authentic to narcocorrido values.

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