Improv Everywhere is a group based in New York of people who do pranks. This is one of their pranks. Many random people of all ages, races, and genders enter a Best Buy at different times wearing a blue polo shirt and khaki pants, and walk around the store. They were instructed to not look like they are doing anything and just hang around. This confuses and upsets the Best Buy workers, whose manager eventually called the cops on them. Once the cops arrived, they had to tell Best Buy that it is not illegal to walk around in blue polo shirts and khaki pants. Best Buy confiscated all of the recordings from the people videotaping, but ironically enough, the only tape that survived was from a guy who brought a blank tape, and put it into one of their video cameras and walked around. That is – their own product is what got them. What do you guys think of amusing lighthearted pranks like this?

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