In this very popular 2008 YouTube video, Rémi Gaillard from France dresses up like a kangaroo and “pranks” people. The pranks include stealing, trespassing, and what some would consider assaulting a policeman. What I ask is that, in this example of freedom of speech, how far can a humorist go? At the end of all his videos, Gaillard has the french saying “c’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui” which translates to “it’s by doing just anything that you become just anybody” meaning that people need to do things in their life that mean something and cause a stir or they are wasting their abilities. The statement is the source of his videos that put a artistic meaning behind the generally illegal pranks that he does. As a video with almost 50 million views, I would argue that most people that watch his videos do not absorb the artistic message to challenge the government and society. Furthermore, understanding that this is the purpose of the videos, do the pranks really argue for change or are they just malicious strikes at innocent victims simply trying to make a living?

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