To What Extent Does A Prank Stays A Prank ?

Now more than ever being with the influence of social media, such as facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube is easy to find and share a video that we like because it makes us feel better or because it makes us laugh. It is common to browse around our social media accounts and find videos of pranks that people make on our newsfeed. Some might be random pranks made by everyday people that do not put too much into it and just keep it simple. Other prank videos are made by “professionals” that dedicate their time and life producing pranks that require planning and some other things. This video shows “professionals” pranksters dressing like arabs, which involve wearing a thobe (long white shirt, like a robe) and carrying a black backpack that carries a mysterious package. This person carrying the backpack then finds any individual and throws the backpack to them and start running as fast as he can. As a result the person getting the backpack, immediately throws or drops the bag and starts to run away. We, the audience know that the prankster is supposed to be a Muslim/Arab and the backpack is supposed to carry a bomb or an explosive inside, and we laugh at the reaction of the people when they get the backpack and see the “Terrorist” running. First of all, this prank might offend people as it may show that Arabs are all terrorists and are always carrying explosives to hurt anyone that is outside. Also, knowing how sensible things are politically with middle eastern nations and citizens, this just adds more into the case of how Americans see Arabs like terrorists. Apart from being racist and discriminatory, these pranksters are willing to risk their lives, when they go outside to the community and do these types of pranks. What happens to the people that are outside and feel terrified, hide out of terror, or even call the police for help. The police have no idea a prank is being recorded and might open fire, or even a citizen that feels threaten might go and attack the pranksters. Will you be willing to risk your life for some YouTube views ?? I know YouTube pays people after a certain number of views and subscribers is reached, but is putting your life into risk worth all of that ? To what extent a prank is still considered a prank ?

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